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2016 luty




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www1Members of management of The Volleyball Stars’ Walk of Fame Foundation Paweł Wachowiak and Sławomir Jachimowski with a member of Volleyball Stars’ Walk of Fame Foundation council Arkadiusz Jaśkowski and a volleyball’s manager Grzegorz Zięba were visiting Italy from 14 – 18 February 2016.The visitation was connected with The Volleyball Stars’ Walk of Fame 2016 edition organization. In Rome our activists was given a warm welcome from The Italian Federation of Volleyball. The talks was conducted with the chief executive officer of The Italian Federation of Volleyball Mr. Libenzio Conti. After that the managership of Volleyball Stars’ walk of Fame Foundation went to Verona to continue the talks. This time our management was meeting with the sports director of Calzedonia Verona Mr. Andrea Marchesi, The Star of Italian Volleyball Mr. Fabio Vullo (who is now a deputy director of The sports director of Calzedonia Verona) and Mr. David Gollini, a manager of Italian Serie A. The main objective of the visit in Verona was meeting and talk out further cooperation with The one of the greatest stars of Italian Volleyball Mr. Andrea Giani. 

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