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Volleyball Stars’ Walk of Fame organizes the FINAL FOUR CEV Men European League

  • By alejagwiazd

LE-WAŁB2015Volleyball Stars’ Walk of Fame Foundation received from PZPS all the rights to organize the Final Four CEV Men European League 2015, that took place on 13 – 14th of August in Wałbrzych. During the matches you couldn’t miss our stand in the hallway of the Aqua Zdrój Center. First time the volleyball players visited the Aqua Zdrój Center in 2014 during the 10th edition of the Volleyball Stars’ Walk of Fame. There was a volleyball match played by B representations by women and men for the very first time in the European League. They played versus the team from Montenegro and Greece. They played first matches in Milicz and afterwards in Walbrzych.

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